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The plains were still; the bushes rustle as tiny rodents scrambled across the soft, grass laced ground. Wild lions roared and beautiful herds of zebra moved across the orange stained horizon. The air was humid but it was soft and I could feel the sun’s closing rays upon my back. My eyes were locked onto something far in the distance and I was slowly making my way closer to it. It’s feet were stamped into the ground like snowboots and its large body ran against its spine. As my eyes darted upwards I could see its true beauty as I saw its many arms come off like bones and the tufts of hair on each end. However, what was most special was the tiny but great shea seeds that hung like bracelets round the arms. I was staring at the beautiful Karite Tree in the wonderful African plains; here to harvest the incredible shea seeds that would bring love to all.

The Karite Tree is found in north-central Africa and it is a tree that has served great purpose to many African tribes throughout the hundreds of years of human civilizations. Animals and humans share this almost uninhabitable area and they reach out this tree to survive with some even adapting to make it through the unbearable conditions of heat and droughts. However, this tree has formed to survive these harsh droughts and continue to provide fruit to the indigenous even in the dryest times and thus it has been nicknamed the ‘Tree of Life’. We picked the seeds from the tree because ofits 100% natural qualities that it provides to the people of the land. Our seeds are perfectly harvested by the local tribes and they maintain the Karite Tree to ensure the continuation if its species. There's nowhere else in the world that Shea can be harvested from as the conditions in Africa are incredibly perfect.

After the fruit is harvested, the seeds are taken out of the Shea Fruit and they are washed in fresh water. The seeds are then dried, sorted under serious quality control checks and then roasted before being milled into a white paste. Water is added and the process comes to an end as the manufacturers knead it into a emulsifying oil. Finally, it is naturally sanitised and then exported to Clearfree's wonderful laboratory for production. It's that simple! And it from such a greatly natural source that will be key in the creation of Clearfree’s New Moisturiser. The emulsifying oil is named Shea Butter and it will be key in providing customers with the natural effects that will provide them with wonderfully moisturised skin that will inevitably help stop acne from occuring.

Shea butter is a 100% natural alternative to the chemical based emulsifiers many other moisturiser contain on the markets. Clearfree has set out to be different and provide sustainability to the local Africans and their ‘Tree of Life’.

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