An Ever Changing World

2018: the year of the dog in Chinese zodiac. The dog is a symbol of the Chinese new year that is set to represent good health for all to come due to the good tempered nature of man’s best friend. They do not set out to be dishonest, but instead enjoy a peaceful life of helping others. However, the dog possesses one key aspect that the other spirit animals do not: they are representative of a call for change and this is something that all of us must take into consideration. Clearfree has looked towards the Chinese culture for inspiration in creating our new products and our objective to revolutionize the healthcare market as we know it.

The world is changing and it is important for all businesses to change as well. Supermarkets are still plastered with horrific products that destroy your skin with there chemical ingredients. Clearfree realized this in our quest to find purpose and we begun in 2017 with our first product - the Manuka oil Facial Spray. We opened with the goal of 100% natural forever, because we understood that to promote a change across this planet; we had to be the revolution for the change. As Gandhi stated,

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Our team may only be young, but we are conscience of the negative effects these chemicals are having on the human body and we can only be the ones to help the problem - not be the problem. Clearfree is continuously developing new products as we are reaching into the middle of 2018 and our latest product announcement will be made on the 15th of May.

Clearfree wants to spread our message to everybody because our generation is our guide for change. We want all of today’s generation to make changes in there lifes. We are the last hope that our world has in encouraging natural products and the sustainability of our earth.

Our team thanks you for joining us on our journey.

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