My Experience with Clearfree

Everyday I was trying new products on my acne, mum would rush me the doctors in continuous failed attempts to fix what seems to be the unfixable. Acne had become a key player in my life, a natural depressant that I simply couldn’t get rid of. My confidence was slowly draining from me and I was left feeling frustrated with the effects of this horrible skin disease that 86% of teenagers will experience. And it felt as if these companies did not care about me, they were throwing there chemical products at me in attempts to get me continually coming back.

I wanted something natural and something new on the markets and this is when I discovered Clearfree. A new age business that was striving to provide all teenagers with 100% natural products. However, I was wary as I had tried so many products before and they never seemed to work.

But Clearfree become so much more than this and as I trialled it, I began to see results. The Manuka Oil was changing my skin and it was changing for the better. I could quickly see my pimples disappearing and my skin was beginning to feel a lot clearer and softer. I also felt a new sense of confidence in myself that only took a few days to come about. Our skin is something that can change our appearance and to me it is something that I want to take great pride in.

Clearfree has been labelled a miracle product by news outlets and I want to say that I am one to stand here and agree with this statement. Their Manuka Oil facial spray has changed the way I live and I want to share my experience with all. This product has worked wonders and it is important for all teenagers to take note of the impacts that natural products can have. It is 2018 and it is time for skin care companies to adapt to the new age and this is all with the power of nature.

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