Zavier | Auckland 

Zavier, 18 years of age, has moderately healthy skin.

The occasional outbreak and pimples are not uncommon for Zavier. 

Zavier hasn't used skincare treatments such as chemical based products prior to the test. 

The following pictures are results shown before and after the trial of using the Manuka Oil Facial Spray. 

- 3 day Trial.


before                             after

These photos are unedited.

Zavier used Manuka Oil Facial Spray for three days,

used in the morning and evening.


Results may vary.

Frequently asked questions

How did you find using ClearFreeSkin?

I've tried many pre-existing products on the market and all were chemical based. It was nice to use powerful Manuka Oil based product that I could see results with reducing the size of my acne fast. Yes chemical based products do work, but I actually have scars and blemishes as a result of using them, with ClearFreeSkin, It's actually reduced the redness and size of the blemishes.

What Product's did you use.

I used the Manuka Oil Facial Spray.